Voodoo Lopez: The Magic City

Violence never is the answer for problems that humankind need to solve and overpass with understanding and respect.

Barcelona is one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world, and a true example about tolerance and permisivity, that sometimes could be hard to manage, but this would be impossible in many countries around the world.

A chilled one to calm down and promote this wonderful city, that I love so much.

Enjoy, share, and keep supporting the station

Deeper vibes from Costa del Sol with influences from Bossa Nova, Jazz & Lounge.

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3 comments on “Voodoo Lopez: The Magic City
  1. warren says:

    The US owes its existence to violence, so violence actually gets shit done.

  2. J-Tru says:

    Mr. Lopez

    I am having difficulty finding a playlist/track list for this set. I would appreciate any help you might have with this.

  3. djchanning says:

    Peace Voodoo! I’m with your vibe on this one.

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