Voodoo Lopez: Naked Soul

Just after one week of hard rain and cold around Spain, we were blessed with a shinny days with 24ºC, warm and wonderful, and this selection is for floating around with the spirit of San Francisco Sound and Naked music ones.

Hope you like it and have a nice time for chilling and relax with the calm deep spirit of the voices and the emotive music.

Thanks to all dogglounge family.

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Deeper vibes from Costa del Sol with influences from Bossa Nova, Jazz & Lounge.

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11 comments on “Voodoo Lopez: Naked Soul
  1. sendemeister says:

    Hi DJ Voodoo Lopez.

    Thanks for this great Groove. It was a great Set. I have Download this Set an hear his on my Headphones.

    Thanks Voodoo.

    Greetings, Sendemeister.

  2. Passharg says:

    Thank You Sir 🙂

  3. windy says:

    Voodoo >..
    I always enjoy your music so much ..
    Thank you for this share.. It’s very nice listening.
    My respect.

  4. Big i says:

    Beautiful set, Voodoo. Do you happen to have the ID for the song around 1:13 into the set? Sounds like Lisa Shaw…. Can’t stop listening to it!!

  5. soulsurfer says:

    Really fantastic mix!! The track 50 minutes before the end of the mix is really great. It´s called: “Deep in my soul”. I enjoy this track so much.

  6. Voodoo Lopez says:

    People, this track is one of all time favorites for me, I think that the whole mix is turning around this point:

    Groove Metropolis: Ethan White and Lisa Shaw – Find the Way (Jask Remix).

    Tenderness and sensuality. Pure class.

  7. warren says:

    great set as always voodoo!

  8. slamibiza says:

    realy nice selection ..relax sensation i agree
    grandee voodoo thx dogglounge:))))

  9. deep808 says:

    keep the good work voodoo , cheers

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