Voodoo Lopez: H O P E


Dedicated to all the victims of the Sandy Hurricane. Also to all the people in USA that decides to choose freedom. Hard times in my country. 160 people committed suicide in my region about the crisis. Even in the darkest hour, if you lost all, don’t do it. There is one thing that nobody can’t take it. Your dignity. 

Two intense hours mix, in the middle of the storm here. I need to say real thanks in my life to all that friends that are supporting me, inside and out of the music. This is the moment to make “All IN” and keep in our bases. 

Stay strong and stay deep.And if money it’s not a problem for you, drop some coins in our basket to support the station.

Deeper vibes from Costa del Sol with influences from Bossa Nova, Jazz & Lounge.

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12 comments on “Voodoo Lopez: H O P E
  1. ress says:

    I Love Voodoo Lopez!!

  2. Dorfi says:

    Thanks Voodoo!! This set is outstanding….

  3. Joy Bose says:

    I love Voodoo lopez too, and yesterdays show was superb i wonder when will that be released on podcast

  4. danissss says:

    gran comentario… de tu obra

  5. haui says:

    Hi Voodoo – applause & respect!! Also outstanding set and a great dedication. Thanks a lot for your time to mix & podcast!

  6. Val Sound says:

    Hi Bro ! Listened today! The moment since 50 minutes, an abrupt track, and behind it the following track simply smart sound was pleasant! I liked your mix, perfect simply tasty tracks! Smartly sounds! I will wait for Friday the brother, I will listen to you! Thanks!

  7. DJ MarkyB says:

    Nice work as always Voodoo… really enjoyed this one mate!! 🙂

  8. ~Deejay~K*SPIRIT says:

    You’re an inspiration. 😉

  9. reecool3 says:

    just a word, it is a killer … I love good tron Bravo

  10. George says:

    Voodoo Hello, thank you for this brilliant mix “Hope”! Can you please post a Playlist in Dogglounge, right? … is important, as is the last song?

    George: o)

  11. Voodoo Lopez says:

    Hi George, thanks a lot for your comments, sorry, but I’m only publishing the name of the tracks here in the chat while I’m making the mix. Just for all the loungers that are online. See you the next friday!

  12. George says:

    Voodoo …. thanks anyway … I’m looking forward to next Friday: o)

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