Voodoo Lopez: Future is a lonely Beach in another Planet


Thanks  a lot to all the listeners and followers, during this summer time.

After a hard time on work, my only desire was to be far away from computer as much as possible. Just because I need to be focus on me, and to recover.

Energy is 100%, power is on and ready to the ride.

When I was a kid, I remember the vinyls from my uncle, early Vangelis, Kraftwerk, Tangerine Dream, Jarre … all that electronic music with videos always based on the future, early retro scify effects to put a landscape with the melody. We don’t have Detroit in Europe, but great experimental music artists, who put the people flying listening Shine on you crazy diamonds.

There was a time, and was today.

Sorry for the technical issues during the mix.

Hope you like it!

Deeper vibes from Costa del Sol with influences from Bossa Nova, Jazz & Lounge.

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4 comments on “Voodoo Lopez: Future is a lonely Beach in another Planet
  1. Blissful says:

    Thanks a million Voodoo ! Your creative soul gets better and better everyday , many blessings with love and peace !

  2. Jean says:

    I’m listening to it right and i have to say i really love all the feelings brought by your mix. You’re a deep house prophet. Keep goin in this direction Voodoo.

  3. reecool3 says:

    Congratulations for your wonderful mix …

  4. Menhit says:

    Again a proof of your empathy for good music. Excellent!

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