TGIF Jan 11, 2013 with Odogg, Jake Encinas and Jon Benson


Thanks to Jake Encinas and Jon Benson for coming over and throwing down some deep beats.  I should have saved the track history from that night, oh well I tried to compile a tracklist of what I know.  You guys can chime in if you want to fill in the blanks.  Cheers!

01 Da Sunlounge – Chicago [Jon Benson]

02 [Jon Benson]

03 [Jon Benson]

04 [Jake Encinas]

05 [Jake Encinas]

06 [Jake Encinas]

07 [Jake Encinas] (bump the turntable mix)

08 Arno Grieco – Houz [Odogg]

09 Jimpster – Can’t stop loving [Odogg]

10 Karizma – The power [Odogg]

11 Mark Farina – Cali Spaces [Jon Benson]

12 [Jon Benson]

13 [Jon Benson]

14 [Jake Encinas]

15 [Jake Encinas]

16 [Jake Encinas]

17 Ross Couch – Addicted [Odogg]

18 Havens & Hart – Loves never gone feat. Scott Douglas [Odogg]

19 DJ Steef – Rising South Coast [Odogg]

20 Sade – I thought I’d never see the day [Jon Benson]

21 Depeche Mode  [Jon Benson]

22 [Jake Encinas]

23 [Jake Encinas]

24 [Jon Benson]

25 [Jon Benson]

26 DJ Steaw- Sky hunt [Odogg]

27 [Jon Benson?]

28 Juwan Rates – Hanging on a string [Jon Benson]



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8 comments on “TGIF Jan 11, 2013 with Odogg, Jake Encinas and Jon Benson
  1. Patrick says:

    Thank you to all 3 of you , Great set indeed.


  2. Shea says:

    Was a great set , I was listening in background ..wonderful mix .. Thanks to all three of you ..

  3. Darren says:

    awesome set, love your mixes!

  4. High Acheiva says:

    Gr8 set bruh. Keep em coming!

  5. Voodoo Lopez says:

    Amazing mix! great energy on that! Congratulations all of you!

  6. haui says:

    3manPower! Great mixsession! Sounds very good!

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