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VOODOO LOPEZ – Boerewors

13th Friday October 2017 live show. Some music for intergalactic barbecue, with the mellow tunes to enjoy all kind of meals, while the space gogos dancing around the table. Who cares about what the androids dream? Erotic ones for sure.

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VOODOO LOPEZ: DEEP BLUE – Tribute to Helly Larson

So much thanks for the music, Helly Larson. So much thanks for the travel.   Tracklist 1 – My Mind (Original Mix) – Helly Larson 2 – Nikosf – L’ Heure Bleue – Nikosf L’ Heure Photographique Remix 3 –

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Voodoo Lopez: The Magic City

Violence never is the answer for problems that humankind need to solve and overpass with understanding and respect. Barcelona is one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world, and a true example about tolerance and permisivity, that sometimes could

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Voodoo Lopez live at Hoyo 19 Playa Granada – The Club Edition

Recorded during Voodoo Lopez live show at Ibiza Sound Playa Granada parties at Hoyo 19, Playa Granada, Motril, Spain. A very special Club edition full of elegants and classics deep house@ soulful sounds, for the start of August tuesdays at

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Voodoo Lopez live at La Barraca Cantarrijan: Summer Zenith

  This was the first two hours from my live gig at Restaurante La Barraca Cantarriján. It’s hard to describe how grateful I’m feeling for the enormous privilege, the infinite pleassure to put the sound that I love, in such

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VOODOO LOPEZ – Opening party Ibiza Sound Playa Granada @ HOYO 19

So much thanks to  Jose Lemos, for the great effort in organization, warm welcome and profesionality with all the  Hoyo19 Chiringuito  team. To  Izhar Percusion for keep beating the drums alive, to Francisco Molino Rodriguez “Fran Dymo” for keep turning the party

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 Wish to all of you a great summer. A selection of tracks to help you get fresh in this hot season. A very big hug to all the listeners during the show, specially the people in the chat room. Please,

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  Just one for the Beach Life. Summer is all around, perfect blue skies for flight. Thanks to all the listeners during the show, and please, support the station   TRACK LIST:   1 – Dark Waves (BDTom Remix) –

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  “A weird time in which we are alive. We can travel anywhere we want, even to other planets. And for what? To sit day after day, declining in morale and hope.” ― Philip K. Dick TRACK LIST 1 – Blade

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  Thanks so much to all the listeners during the show, specially to Isa and DJ China on their Bdays. To all that people who raise watching beyond the stars, a travel in sounds from the sun to the night, with

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