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catalyst: like

Recorded live here at the station on 2018 Feb 11. Turns out that there was an electronic whine being broadcast by my equipment; fortunately, my recording happened in the audio path before the whine, so it shouldn’t be present here;

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catalyst: icy

Recorded live at the station on 2017 Dec 17. A day or two before I played this set I saw “Star Wars, The Last Jedi”. Excellent movie. There’s an animated character in the movie you’d see as an ice fox

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catalyst: flip

Recorded live at the station on 2017 Dec 03. Tracklist: Right Now (Original Mix) by Jon Costas The Gift (Original Mix) by Rishi K. Live 4 Now by t3N Vento (Original Mix) by Eastern Resident, Marcus Raute Such An Ease

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catalyst: soft thump

Recorded live at the station on 2017-11-19. I loved the sound in the kick drum from a couple of the tunes in the November podcast by Shur-I-Kan. The sound is like what a kick sounds like when a drummer puts

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catalyst: less is more

Recorded live here at the station on 2017-Sep-24. Not sure what to say about this set. I felt inspired by the minimalism of opening couple of tunes, and the closing one. (Thus the title – and cover art.) So I

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catalyst: pumped

Recorded live here at the station on 10 September, 2017. I’ve been playing some live (in-peson) events recently, where people dance. I LOVE when people dance to what I’m playing. So I’m still in a mood to play what people

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Voodoo Lopez: The Magic City

Violence never is the answer for problems that humankind need to solve and overpass with understanding and respect. Barcelona is one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world, and a true example about tolerance and permisivity, that sometimes could

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catalyst: techno is sexy

Recorded live at Dogglounge Internet Radio on 2017-05-19. This was out of character for my dogglounge sets. DL audiences tend to prefer deep, soulful, jazzy house. But – it was Friday night, no other DJs were playing live on DL,

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catalyst: anima

Recorded live here at the station on 2017 May 14. (Happy Mother’s Day!) The first half of this is the usual Dogglounge fare – deep house, some nu-disco, etc. The second half tends towards Tech House more than the usual

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Thanks to all the listeners during the show. specially people in the chat room. Keep supporting the station, share, comment and donate! Tracklist: 1 – Towards The Seer (Andre Lodemann Remix) – Jimpster 2 – Coeo – Torrow (Original Mix)

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