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So, this one to all the Loungers and listeners of my show. Product of spent close to a month in Algarve, great projects with good people and friends with time enough to feel the real Algarve thing in summer time.

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Voodoo Lopez: Insurrection

If you think that you are more human than humans, you’re wrong. We are all humans, and nobody is more special than other. Just different. What makes you more human it’s your level of empathy, mercy and love to the

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Here we go, in search of the Sun that warm our souls. Thanks to all the listeners during the show. Keep traveling into the Eternal Summer. Playlist: 1 – I Love You Always Forever (Philly remix) – Donna Lewis 2

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  Special start of the Spring season, to celebrate the Easter Holidays with the best possitive vibes to spread the good energy that make things reborn. A great hug to GG and Andy for the Bdays, great friends and true

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  Recorded during live show at December 8th.   “Man has gone out to explore other worlds and other civilizations without having explored his own labyrinth of dark passages and secret chambers, and without finding what lies behind doorways that

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VOODOO LOPEZ – Boerewors

13th Friday October 2017 live show. Some music for intergalactic barbecue, with the mellow tunes to enjoy all kind of meals, while the space gogos dancing around the table. Who cares about what the androids dream? Erotic ones for sure.

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First mix of the year. On my daughter’s Soraya Bday, and also, to celebrate Tony Cacharrito and mine, on Jan 7th. So much thanks to all the listeners for the support Let’s celebrate!!! Tracklist: 1 – Memories (Li-Polymer Remix) –

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Voodoo Lopez: PLEYADES

  When the music turns to a pulse, it’s because there is some Detroit energy inside. Something that you can feel coming from the center of the planet, that have the same vibration of the Om sound , that is

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Voodoo Lopez: ELIXIR

Thanks a lot to all the listeners in the chat room for the great spirit and comments. A deep movement to drive into the winter. Track list 1- Sensual Colours (Nikosf. End Of Summer Colours Mix) – Nikosf. 2- Omid 16B –

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LENNY FONTANA Special Guest Mix

A very special mix from Lenny Fontana, that will be his official nº 19 on his In the Mix series. Thanks a lot for your contribution to the History of Electronic Music and for this great gift! NEW YORK (US)

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