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FORTEBA guest mix at Dogglounge

  Impressive guest mix from one of the best producers in the world of the new Deep Tech for flight inside your mind.  Dobrocsi Krisztián Forteba show us in this one hour mix common places and new landscapes, under the sensibility

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Voodoo Lopez: Wood, Snake, Dragon

Happy New Year all ! First mix of the year, after a very busy Xmas time. Hope all of you enjoy and keep supporting this great radio station. If you like, share, vote and comment!  

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  Winter solstice. Mayan calendar restart. And this chinese year, its THE SNAKE YEAR, my sign. So for that reason, now is the time to renovation, the snake need to change the skin and as the ancient chinese people said,

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Voodoo Lopez: Sue Honey

  Thanks all the listeners on the chat for this first mix from Xmas holidays. Some Deep Tech to start the fire, for the Ice Queen Dragon.  Hope you like it.

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Voodoo Lopez: Kinki Soul

I would love to say thanks to all of you individually, for the big support in this difficult moments in my life. More than never, any word makes sense to me. So for that, this “over pitched” mix is a

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One from the deep side more in tecno style. Perhaps because I’d watch TRON LEGACY recently, or perhaps due Pete Namlook pass this week. Anyway, Welcome to the deep side of the Grid. Curious about the name? Search and find.

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Voodoo Lopez: H O P E

  Dedicated to all the victims of the Sandy Hurricane. Also to all the people in USA that decides to choose freedom. Hard times in my country. 160 people committed suicide in my region about the crisis. Even in the

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Voodoo Lopez Love Potion

Some old tracks from my cd’s from the days of Cafe del Mar in Seville, to rebuild and remind what was one of that mixes on these nights. Some nostalgic over the rain here (my brazilian friends are starting the

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  Yes, James Bond week. Yes, I’m a fan. Starting this mix with a beautiful track from OST of Skyfall, that contains great masterpieces in John Barry style.  And for this mix, I had two weeks to recover some old

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VOODOO LOPEZ: Fire & Dust under the Blue Moon

While I was spinning this mix, one of the biggest fires in 50 years burned more than 50 km square on my area. A tragedy caused by people that ruined the life of a lot of friends and with a

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