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Here we go, in search of the Sun that warm our souls. Thanks to all the listeners during the show. Keep traveling into the Eternal Summer. Playlist: 1 – I Love You Always Forever (Philly remix) – Donna Lewis 2

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VOODOO LOPEZ – Boerewors

13th Friday October 2017 live show. Some music for intergalactic barbecue, with the mellow tunes to enjoy all kind of meals, while the space gogos dancing around the table. Who cares about what the androids dream? Erotic ones for sure.

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Podcast from last friday Voodoo Lopez live show at www.dogglounge.com
Sensual and intimate sounds for relax and enjoy
Dogglounge radio, the best Deep House radio on the net

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Voodoo Lopez: SOTHIACO

  Tracklist: 1 Nice Deepness – Revenge – Original Mix 2 Thaw (Original Mix) – Alexey Orlov & DP-6 3 The 12th Planet – Marino Berardi 4 Sbr – Marlowe 5 Never You Mind (Mono Negro´s Trip To Hvar Remix)

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A question for the young ones What means to you Deep House music?

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  In Max Sampla Bday, a mix for driving to the party time in summer. Enjoy, comment and share, and if you want,  keep supporting the radio and drop some coins! Happy summer time to all!

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FINALLY !! HAPPY NEW YEAR ALL! All the best for all of you. And a little bit of all my favorite styles in one mix, leaving the fireflies side to the last  2nd part. Thanks for the support. Let’s celebrate!

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Voodoo Lopez: Windy Forest

  Last friday mix at Dogglounge in this warm winter, but with high winds in my area. Specially dedicated to all the victims and his families from the Haiyan typhoon disaster. Please, if you want to help, contact the  Philippine

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Voodoo Lopez: LEARN TO SAY NO

  Vamos, mi gente! Some reedit to correct some sound problems on the recording. In the world of desires, needs and siren voices, only the knowledge of the reality is revealed when we have the whole information to see the

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Voodoo Lopez: Future is a lonely Beach in another Planet

Thanks  a lot to all the listeners and followers, during this summer time. After a hard time on work, my only desire was to be far away from computer as much as possible. Just because I need to be focus

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