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  Recorded during live show at December 8th.   “Man has gone out to explore other worlds and other civilizations without having explored his own labyrinth of dark passages and secret chambers, and without finding what lies behind doorways that

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catalyst: flip

Recorded live at the station on 2017 Dec 03. Tracklist: Right Now (Original Mix) by Jon Costas The Gift (Original Mix) by Rishi K. Live 4 Now by t3N Vento (Original Mix) by Eastern Resident, Marcus Raute Such An Ease

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Christian Knoblauch special guest mix

A very interesting mix from Christian Knoblauch, producer at Defined Music, based in Codta del Sol,  in a travel through some solid names that usually are on the most listened at the station, with remarkables Tech influences. Hope all of

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catalyst: soft thump

Recorded live at the station on 2017-11-19. I loved the sound in the kick drum from a couple of the tunes in the November podcast by Shur-I-Kan. The sound is like what a kick sounds like when a drummer puts

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20th October 2017 podcast. Thanks so much to all the listeners during the show. tracklist:   1 – Gutinstinct – Pacific Boys (Original Mix) 2 – Jordan Peak – Three One Two Julien Sandre remix 3 – Friday (Original Mix)

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VOODOO LOPEZ – Boerewors

13th Friday October 2017 live show. Some music for intergalactic barbecue, with the mellow tunes to enjoy all kind of meals, while the space gogos dancing around the table. Who cares about what the androids dream? Erotic ones for sure.

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catalyst: less is more

Recorded live here at the station on 2017-Sep-24. Not sure what to say about this set. I felt inspired by the minimalism of opening couple of tunes, and the closing one. (Thus the title – and cover art.) So I

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VOODOO LOPEZ: DEEP BLUE – Tribute to Helly Larson

So much thanks for the music, Helly Larson. So much thanks for the travel.   Tracklist 1 – My Mind (Original Mix) – Helly Larson 2 – Nikosf – L’ Heure Bleue – Nikosf L’ Heure Photographique Remix 3 –

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Voodoo Lopez: The Magic City

Violence never is the answer for problems that humankind need to solve and overpass with understanding and respect. Barcelona is one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world, and a true example about tolerance and permisivity, that sometimes could

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Voodoo Lopez live at Hoyo 19 Playa Granada – The Club Edition

Recorded during Voodoo Lopez live show at Ibiza Sound Playa Granada parties at Hoyo 19, Playa Granada, Motril, Spain. A very special Club edition full of elegants and classics deep house@ soulful sounds, for the start of August tuesdays at

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