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Voodoo Lopez: Insurrection

If you think that you are more human than humans, you’re wrong. We are all humans, and nobody is more special than other. Just different. What makes you more human it’s your level of empathy, mercy and love to the

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Here we go, in search of the Sun that warm our souls. Thanks to all the listeners during the show. Keep traveling into the Eternal Summer. Playlist: 1 – I Love You Always Forever (Philly remix) – Donna Lewis 2

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Voodoo Lopez: The Deep Speakeasy

Recorded during live show 9 March 2018 Some things needs intimacy to be spoken, and the better option it’s in the right ambience Thanks to all the listeners during the show. Keep supporting the station and donate! Track list: 1

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catalyst: beach day

Recorded live on 2018 March 25. Spring is coming soon to the northern hemisphere, and I’m headed for the beach soon, too. I can’t wait, so I played some daytime beach bar chill tunes. Thanks to all the listeners for

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  Special start of the Spring season, to celebrate the Easter Holidays with the best possitive vibes to spread the good energy that make things reborn. A great hug to GG and Andy for the Bdays, great friends and true

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catalyst: shady

Recorded live here at the station on 2018 March 11 – the first day of Daylight Saving Time in 2018. Yay! This was a super ad-lib set; I had little time to prep for it.  I had to track down

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catalyst: Boogie Nights

If y0u’ve heard my sets here before, you know that disco creeps into a fair number of my sets just a little bit. I finally gave in to my affection for it, and put together this set that was all-disco(-derived.).

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catalyst: like

Recorded live here at the station on 2018 Feb 11. Turns out that there was an electronic whine being broadcast by my equipment; fortunately, my recording happened in the audio path before the whine, so it shouldn’t be present here;

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catalyst: transition

Recorded live here at the station on 2018 Jan 28. This set trended funky / soulful / nu-disco. And the set name came from a feeling like the weather was getting colder here in my city (so nothing special there),

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The time to say Thanks To Odogg, Neonlogic and the rest of the Dogglounge Crew for put a absolute high quallity level on music in this station, since 2003. To all the ones that aren’t with us, but will live

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