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This is a bit embarrassing but the Odogg is broke as a joke. I’m -$1 in the PayPal account and you don’t even want to know what my personal account looks like right now. I should be all back to

Podcasts back up

The podcasts are back online now. Cheers! Odogg

Happy Holidays Doggloungers!

To all the listeners and DJs have a Merry Christmas, a belated Happy Hanukkah, a Happy Kwanzaa, and a Happy New Year! Odogg

Dogglounge Tweets

We’ve changed our Twitter script so that the Dogglounge Twitter page will only tweet when there are live broadcasts from now on.  Before we were tweeting every song that played and that was a bit overwhelming, especially if you had

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Boogie in Haiti

As you might not have known DJ Boogie Down (Dr. Santiago Arruffat) is a surgeon and has volunteered to go to Haiti to offer support to the earthquake victims there. I just recently received a couple of text messages in which he’s updating friends and family on his status. I will share a few excerpts and hope he doesn’t mind me sharing.

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Itunes Podcasts

Keep up to date with the latest Dogglounge podcasts via iTunes.

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Text Message Donations to Haiti

mGive, a non-profit organization working with Red Cross to collect donations via text message, has announced that they have collected over $4 million for Haitian relief. To donate in increments of $10, text the word “Haiti” to the number 90999,

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Site updates

Dear loungers, As you know we’ve updated the website a little and there are still some things to do. Please be patient while I get everything back in order. Thanks for your understanding, Odogg

Dogglounge iPhone Web App

Now you can listen to Dogglounge with your iPhone by going to: This feature will allow you to do some multitasking while the DL streams to your iPhone (except for the Safari web browser, oh well we’ll take what

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Shoutcast Flash Mini Player

Now you can listen to Dogglounge (ok and other stations) via Shoutcast’s new mini Flash player.

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