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    Quick Details
    Place of Origin:Zhejiang, China (Mainland)
    Brand Name:QingDaoQingLong brand single phase prepaid electricity meter of energy meter typ
    Model Number:DDSY1561 single phase prepaid electricity meter of energy meter type
    Display Type:Analog and Digital
    Phase:Single Phase
    Measuring Energy Range:10(40)A
    Accuracy Class:1
    Output Voltage:220V
    Operating Temperature:-20??+45??/p>
    Packaging & Delivery
    Single phase prepaid electricity meter of energy meter type
    Packaging details :CARTON PACKED
    Single phase prepaid electricity meter of energy meter type
    Each performance index of DDS1561 series single-phase electronic prepaid watt-hour meter conforms to standard GB/18460.3-2001 Prepaid Watt-hour Meters ,and all technical requirements for single phase electronic watt-hour meters stipulated in standard GB/T17215-2002 Alternating Current Static Watt-hour Meters for active Energy (Classes 1 and 2)
    Reference voltageBasic current (max current)
    Main technical data
    1. Reference frequency : 50 HZ
    2. Class index :1 and 2
    3. Data protection: data stored time after power off :more than 10 years
    4. Output contact capacity of relay: AC 220V/10A
    5. Conditions of enviroment: Specified working temperature :-20?C~+45?C utmost working temperature 25?C~+60?C
    6. Relative humidity:??5%(at the enviroment temperature 23 ?C
    7. There shall be n harmful subatance causing corrosion in the air
    Q1: How to proceed an order for energy meter?
    A: Firstly let us know your requirements or application.
    Secondly We quote according to your requirements or our suggestions.
    Thirdly customer confirms the samples and places deposit for formal order.
    Fourthly We arrang the production
    Q2.Is it OK to print ,y logo on energuu meter product?
    A:Yes,Please inform us formally before our production and confirm the design firstly based on our sample.
    Q3:How to deal with the faulty?
    A: Firstly,Our products are produced in strict quality control system and defective rate will be less. When you encounter technical problems,please contact our relevant technical personnel in time,our technical personner will answer for you to solve your product problems.At the same time we will send you the faqs solution,according to the process can solve most of the problems
    Q4. How’s the delivery time ?
    A: Usually it will take about 30 days for production
    Q5. Tell me the standard of package?
    A:Normally are cartons, but also can packed into bubble box.
    Q6.We want to know month capacity?
    A: 100pcs/DA
    Q7.Where is your market?
    A:Our products are popular in South Africa,Iran,Pakistan,India,Dubai,Zambia and so on. Some of them are our regular customers and some of them are developing. We hope you can join us and make mutural benifit from our cooperation.
    Q8.Are your packages made of life – span materials?
    A:We have carton packing and foam packing
    Q9.Can your factory support OEM and ODM?
    A:No problem at all
    Q10 .Where is your market?
    A:Our products are popular in South Africa,Iran,Pakistan,India,Dubai,Zambia and so on. Some of them are our regular customers and some of them are developing. We hope you can join us and make mutural benifit from our cooperation.
    Common faults
    Device does not display
    The nixie tube does not display anything, or does not display the user information to be inquired
    1.1 reasons
    1.1.1 fuse is blown.
    1.1.2 the power transformer on the control board is faulty.
    1.1.3 IC card is too dirty or inserted reversely. Wipe the IC card and insert it. If the problem is not solved by the above method, it is necessary to open the back cover of the integrated circuit controller, insert the management card, press the reset button to reset, and input the relevant information to the IC card again.
    The device shows that there is electric energy. But the output is dead
    2.1 reasons
    2.1.1 dz-48 coil of the device is burnt out.
    2.1.2 terminal block wiring is loose.
    2.2 troubleshooting
    2.2.1 check whether the dz-48 coil of the device is burnt, and repair or replace it if it is burnt.
    2.2.2 use a screwdriver to tighten the screws of the terminal block to ensure good wiring.
    The device shows zero electrical energy. But no tripping.
    3.1 reasons
    3.1.1 the dz-48 coil of the device is burnt out or the neutral line is open circuit, so that it will not trip when it should trip.
    3.1.2 the lead of terminal strip is loose.
    3.2 troubleshooting
    3.2.1 check whether the dz-48 coil of the device is burnt or whether the neutral line is open. If it is burnt or the neutral line is open, replace or connect it properly.
    3.2.2 screw up the terminal block screws to ensure good wiring.
    The electric energy constant does not match the number displayed on the computer
    4.1 reasons
    4.1.1 the constant of electric energy meter and IC card is inconsistent.
    4.1.2 the position of sensor head and dial of photosensitive sensor is not appropriate.
    4.1.3 the aluminum plate surface of the electric energy meter is dirty, which causes the sensor to misread and mistransmit.
    4.2 troubleshooting
    4.2.1 modify the constant of IC card to make it consistent with the constant of electric energy meter.
    4.2.2 open the meter cover, adjust the position between the sensor head of the photosensitive sensor and the dial, so that the revolution of the electric energy meter is consistent with the photosensitive pulse.
    4.2.3 wipe or clean the dirty spots on the dial so that the sensor can conduct normal readings.
    1. IC card meter has a variety of anti stealing functions, with small starting current, no creep, wide load, low power consumption, straight error curve, good stability in long-term operation, beautiful appearance, small volume, light weight and convenient installation.
    2. Pre purchased power: IC card transfers data to realize data read back, including: read back total power, remaining power, accumulated power purchase in the meter, total power purchase times and other information.
    3. High accuracy: IC card meter is designed by full electronic type, with imported special chip built in, the accuracy is not affected by frequency, temperature, voltage, high-order harmonic. Long life: SMT technology is adopted, optimized circuit design, the whole machine does not need to adjust the circuit after leaving the factory.
    4. Technical parameters: long life base meter is adopted to extend the period of IC card meter.
    5. If the power is overloaded, it will automatically alarm the power failure and residual power alarm to remind the user to purchase power in time.
    6. Low power consumption of IC card meter: it adopts low power consumption design to reduce power grid line loss.
    1. With IC card ammeter, manual meter reading is not necessary, which is conducive to modern management. The use of IC card electricity meter avoids many inconveniences brought by manual meter reading and door-to-door charging to customers, and the historical power purchase data can be saved, which is convenient for customers to query.
    2. It fully embodies the commodity attribute of electric power. To purchase electricity before using it, customers can purchase and use electricity in a planned way according to their actual needs, without any late fees and unnecessary expenses.
    3. IC card electricity meter not only solves the problem of charging difficulty, but also solves the charging problem of scattered residential customers, temporary customers and customers who often owe fees.
    The payment is not convenient. You must pay at the self-service payment point or the business hall of the power supply bureau. After the payment, the card should be inserted into the electricity meter again, and the electricity meter can read the charge and send the electricity. You can also pay online, but you still need to insert the card into the self-service payment point after payment, and the fee you pay will be on the card, which is very inconvenient. If you don’t have electricity at home at night, you have to go out and pay with a card.China Single Phase Electric Power Meter factory