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    Screen Printing Squeegees are generally made of Polyurethane. This is mainly a mixture of Disocyanate and Polyols. The squeegee range covers the full breadth of screen printing applications.
    Shore A: 50 Shore A — 95 Shore A
    Thickness: 2MM–16MM.
    Width: 5MM–500MM
    Length: 10MM–4000MM.
    Color: White, Green, Blue, Red, Brown.
    We can do special types according to your requirements.
    Specification Form
    Good solvent-resistant and abrasion resistance.
    Easy to grind, repeated use, cost saving
    In solvent that has low expansion rate, and less deformation.
    Good elasticity, which remained on the screen of the pressure in the process of printing, make sure that printing precision
    Plastic, Glass ,Ceramic ,Stained Paper, Solar Photovoltaic ,PCB Circuit Board, Touch, LGP ,Fashion Textile ,CD, Advertisement screen printing .

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