DJ Shuze: Jazz Keys

This morning there was light snow coming down, and the day was cloudy. I felt less like a bumpin’ fun set, and more like a jazzy set, with lots of keyboards & vocals. Some of the tunes have a San Francisco flavor, some a London flavor, and all come from tracks bought years and years ago.

NOTE: There’s a 10+ second delay before the playback starts; I had a glitch in the start of broadcasting / recording. (Only my 2nd set here, and I’m still just getting comfortable with the technology.)


  • Good For Me – Original Mix (Above and Beyond)
  • Wizeman feat. Imaani – The Layabout Future Retro Vocal Mix (Copyright, Imaani)
  • Tango – Pezzner Remix Part 1 (Shades of Gray)
  • Touch of Jazz – Original Mix (DJ Chris)
  • Obelisco – Original Mix (D Project)
  • Clip Destroy – Original Mix (DJ Jerry)
  • Soul and Deep – Original Mix (Francesco Demegni)
  • Soldiers – Ben Watt Remix (Mademoiselle Caro, Franck Garcia)
  • Moonraker – Magik J’s Back to My House House Remix (Foremost Poets)
  • Denied – Original Mix (Kevin Yost)
  • Saxtrack – Feeling Dub Mix (Sebo K, Metro)
  • Tout le Monde Dit Oui (After Tea)
  • Can You Find The Heart – Relight Mix (Ananada Project)
  • Call of the Wild (Baggi Begovic)
  • I Love Deep – Daniel D Remix (Budai & Vic)
  • Didn’t Mean To Turn You On – Kaskade’s Extended Mix (Colette)
  • Beautiful – House Mix (Soldiers of Twilight)
  • It’s Yours feat. E-Man – Frankie Felician’s Recanstruction Mix (Jon Cutler)
  • Beautiful (I MIGHT have played this twice…. It shows up 2x in Traktor history. If so … oops!)
  • Quiet Nights feat. Gina Rene – Original Mix (Andy Caldwell) (N.B.: This is actually a song called Corcovado; but it’s released under the name Quiet Nights)
  • Grace (Mike Hucjkaby & Charles Spencer)
  • Breathe You In – Eric Cupper Mix (Samantha James)
  • Jazz Is… (Sueno Soul)
  • Stars – Eric Kupper’s Poolside Mix (Erika Jayne)
  • Feels Good – Original Mix (Exit Only)
  • Five Fathoms (Everything But The Girl)
  • Soir Bleu – Original Mix (Jean Thibault)
  • Rie – Johnny Fiasco Mix (Samantha James)
  • Bring the Beat Back – Original Version (Mr. V)
  • Wake Up My Life – 83 West Mix (Scott Wizniak) (Sorry about the glitch on the mix into this; accident on the decks….)


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5 comments on “DJ Shuze: Jazz Keys
  1. Mark Bolgars says:

    Great set! Very good tracks selection! By the way, glad to know that “Corcovado” was between them cause I’m brazilian! 🙂

  2. good tracks musically but I personally do not like extended vocals telling a sob story between tracks music and singing only, so I stop listening…

  3. Marcus says:

    Great mix…thank you!!

  4. djchanning says:

    TYVM… keep sharing the sounds 🙂

  5. haui says:

    Hi Shuze! Finally, I once had time to listen. Great selecton! Thankx 🙂

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