Author: Catalyst

Spinner of a broad variety of electronic music, but with a core love for deep house, really good electro / techno (for dancing), and trap / dubstep (as long as it’s melodic, and epic.)

catalyst: soft thump

Recorded live at the station on 2017-11-19. I loved the sound in the kick drum from a couple of the tunes in the November podcast by Shur-I-Kan. The sound is like what a kick sounds like when a drummer puts

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catalyst: groovy

Recorded live at the station on 2017-11-12. I’m several weeks late posting thish mix; so i forgot what inspired me to use the name “groovy” as the set title. Oh well…. Tracklist: King (Feat Bixby – Original Mix) by Julio

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catalyst: funky touch

Recorded live here at the station on 2017 November 05. This week I went to a club in Brooklyn with 4 hours of great DJs form 8-midnight, and the George Clinton live from 12-2. This got my brain in the

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catalyst: looking up

Recorded live at here at the station on 2017 Oct 22. This was a fun set because I put in an original tune of mine (see late in the set). It’s the fourth one I’ve done, and I feel like

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catalyst: Ahhh…

Recorded live here at the station on 8 October 2017. No real reason for the title. I just felt comfortable doing the set. I wasn’t sweating what track to next, all the broadcast tech was working, and I had a

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catalyst: less is more

Recorded live here at the station on 2017-Sep-24. Not sure what to say about this set. I felt inspired by the minimalism of opening couple of tunes, and the closing one. (Thus the title – and cover art.) So I

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catalyst: pumped

Recorded live here at the station on 10 September, 2017. I’ve been playing some live (in-peson) events recently, where people dance. I LOVE when people dance to what I’m playing. So I’m still in a mood to play what people

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catalyst: scattered

Recorded live here at the station on 13 August 2017. I was a bit all over the place with this set; it may not have had the best flow. But, I was mentally scattered on this day, so the set

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catalyst: Ibiza Bound

Recorded live here at the station on 2017-07-02. Happy Independence Day, USA folks! Later this summer I’m headed to Ibiza with my wife. We’re pretty excited, and so I pulled together a bunch of tunes that are of the type you

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catalyst: Deep Jazz

Recorded live here at the station on 2017-06-25. After last week’s set of full-on Nu-Disco, I decided to stay with the idea of “reworks of old genres”, and put this set together using either reworks of old jazz tunes, or

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