The Mansion- Tribute To Marko Darko aka The Suit (1960-2011)

Last Sunday Mansion, Tribute to Marko Darko, 1 of the first Dogglounge DJ's who abruptly left us on Friday June 3rd 2011. First part played by Jemaho, Second, played by Mark himself in a podcast recorded in october 2010, podcast he was never able to broadcast live! I think it was a real gift for me to broadcast this one finally live for all the listeners of Dogglounge! Thanks to £den for remembering us that podcast! We will never forget you Mark and I'm sure you're now making all the Angels dance to your beats. Rest now in The Peace you most than anyone deserves...

Thanks to Alles for letting me post the session and use pictures of Mark for The cover!


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5 comments on “The Mansion- Tribute To Marko Darko aka The Suit (1960-2011)
  1. Profile photo of Vio Vio says:

    Respect Jemajo,and deep house be with you Marko!!!!

  2. Profile photo of Voodoo Lopez Voodoo Lopez says:

    Big respect for that.

    For sure Marko listen that in Heavens!

  3. Profile photo of Milo Milo says:

    do somebody know the track that begins at 51:00.
    Fred P played this to. Nice set Jemaho!

  4. Profile photo of jemaho jemaho says:

    @ Milo: Mike Huckaby- Luv Time (test pressing vinyl here played, 10 in the all wide world)

  5. Profile photo of Milo Milo says:

    Thank you Jemaho:D You’re a great help!:D

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