Voodoo Lopez: Korean Nights

Last friday mix, some old tracks from my cd collection and a few new ones, with a funny remix inside from ELO… ¬†Far from koreans karaokes images, deep house as well, with good comments during the transmission on the chat.

If you didn’t had time to listen, this is your time.

Thanks to all the listeners to contribute this brave radio station.

God bless you all.


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18 comments on “Voodoo Lopez: Korean Nights
  1. Avatar of Ritchie Ritchie says:

    THE HEAT IS ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Right click save as….. Done!!
    Thx Voodoo.

  2. Thank you for posting this!!! Absolutely Beautiful! ;)

  3. Avatar of eugen eugen says:

    Thanck you for sharing , mega set ,100 stars from me .

  4. Avatar of Jose Gomes Jose Gomes says:

    The Korean Nights into my brazilian sunset evening! Stunning set!

  5. Avatar of CALVIN CALVIN says:

    Track starting @ 56th min killed me BIG time.-absolutely perfectly made Voodoo.You’ve been great always thanks for this.

  6. Avatar of marco marco says:

    Hot intro and great selection … thx for posting a awesome set … I’m ready for the upcoming Summer .. see you guys there…


  7. Avatar of Voodoo Lopez Voodoo Lopez says:

    ” We danced to the Music, All night ! All Night All Night, Baby !!!!!!!!!……………………………


  8. I am extremely addicted to this Mix!!! ;)

  9. Avatar of soulsurfer soulsurfer says:

    Yes, once again there are some very good dance tracks in your mix, especially the vocal tracks (E.L.O. is one of the greatest) show me: the summer is comming!!
    When i listen to your mixes, i always feel so free…

  10. Avatar of Fahad Fahad says:

    Any idea track ID @ 1:46:20 ? please! Thanks in advance!

  11. Avatar of Fahad Fahad says:

    @voodoolopez Any idea track ID @ 1:46:20 ? please! Thanks in advance!

  12. Avatar of deep deep says:

    good mix, thanks!

  13. Avatar of Voodoo Lopez Voodoo Lopez says:

    @ Fahad: Spiritchaser: Not Far (original mix)

  14. Avatar of Daniel Daniel says:

    Love your sets! What’s the track id at 56:32? Thnx!

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