Martinis & Vinyl 1.23.12

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9 comments on “Martinis & Vinyl 1.23.12
  1. Avatar of Laynee Laynee says:

    Thank you Brian!! Such an awesome gift to wake up to! Good morning, GOOD morning!!!

  2. Avatar of Voodoo Lopez Voodoo Lopez says:

    Martinis looks very nice on the picture… awesome name for a girl ;) Great work man!

  3. Avatar of Blissful Blissful says:

    I thought odogg was dead ! anyways thanks man you give us mixes like voodoo only that voodoo does it every week and you once every year LOL brian I love you

  4. Avatar of haui haui says:

    Ohhh, you have found some time to give us another awesome Mix :-)
    Great one – it`s a Pleasure! – I hope it will be not the only one this year. Thanks!

  5. Avatar of Vio Vio says:

    Magic,magic….magic,thanks Odogg!!

  6. Avatar of @ @ says:

    ooooh lalalalaaaaa! :) :)

  7. Avatar of @ @ says:

    Track listing on your website?

  8. Avatar of soulsurfer soulsurfer says:

    Hi Odogg,

    this is really a wonderful relaxing lounge mix!
    Great work, well done!

  9. Avatar of blogger says:

    5 stars !

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