Marko – Once upon a Saturday – Far Away

When I couldn’t get on the Dogglounge stream on Saturday the 16th October I played anyway, elsewhere, direct to a small crowd who would otherwise have been listening on Dogglounge. If I had been able to jack the stream, this is what you would have heard ……….


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6 comments on “Marko – Once upon a Saturday – Far Away
  1. Hey MarkoDarko! Great Mix! Keep it Deep!

  2. Avatar of Billy R Billy R says:

    Awesome sess Marko! Big up! gretings from Greece (7am)

  3. Avatar of Voodoo Lopez Voodoo Lopez says:

    Well done Marko! Very good mix!
    Keep on!

  4. Avatar of MarkoDarko MarkoDarko says:

    many thanks – hope to play live again in a couple of weeks time

  5. Avatar of chicdeep chicdeep says:

    marko ,its very nice

  6. Avatar of Ericson Ericson says:

    Marko, what a fantastic first track! I keep it playing. Greetings from The Netherlands!!

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