Voodoo Lopez present: Mr. Oddog musical adventure with Martinis & Rum

Yes, Mr. Dogglounge himself, Oddog, in an impressive mix as gift in my time for my 2nd year on the station. As far, a good Martini goes with a spanish olive, but some rum cola essences in this mix for this delicate cocktail. Enjoy!
Thanks a lot, Oddog, for let me be part of this dream.


Fortuna Audaces Juvat

With Love and Respect.


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7 comments on “Voodoo Lopez present: Mr. Oddog musical adventure with Martinis & Rum
  1. Avatar of haui haui says:

    topoletti!!! Great work – thank U Mr. Odogg & VL!!

  2. Avatar of @ @ says:

    That’s how I want my Apt, a huge poster of Odogg! Where can I get one?
    Great Mix! ♥

  3. Avatar of nobbycambs nobbycambs says:

    really enjoyed it keep it up!

  4. Avatar of Ericson Ericson says:

    This is my favorite mix when im in the gym!!


  5. Avatar of magnum31 magnum31 says:

    Smoking or chewing gum ^^

  6. Avatar of magnum31 magnum31 says:

    34min40 kevin yost ….

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