Voodoo Lopez: We Are Summer


Hope you like the mix. Last days of hot, and still enough warm to go to the beach.

Thanks a lot for messages in the chat and also to all the listeners.





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7 comments on “Voodoo Lopez: We Are Summer
  1. Profile photo of er er says:

    very good!!!track id the first song??thnks!!keep it like this!!

  2. Profile photo of Kurupt Kurupt says:

    thanks Voodoo Lopez..

  3. Great Job! :)I Love it!

  4. Profile photo of haui haui says:

    Awesome a very good work!
    thank U Voodoo!!
    Last 5 Weeks only listen but no chat possible because 503 errors.
    TG – sinc last week al engines are running…. :-)

  5. Profile photo of bloodklaat bloodklaat says:

    Does anybody know what the first track is called. Need to get it?


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